The “Jewish Question” in Europe: The Case of Hungary (From: Nationalities Papers)

From: Nationalities Papers Vol 29. (2001) No. 4. 704-706   Tamás Ungvári, The “Jewish Question” in Europe. The Case of Hungary (Atlantic Studies on Society in Change). Boulder: East European Monographs, 2000, 380 pp.   Although in all post-communist societies that had a significant Jewish population before the Holocaust there is an ongoing interest in the Jewish past and in the nature of the “Jewish question,” it seems that Hungary…

Review of Tamas Ungvari’s Book

Vol.60, No. 4. (Winter, 2001), pp. 834-835 Review of Tamas Ungvari’s Book The “Jewish Question” in Europe: The Case of Hungary. By Tamas Ungvari. East European Monographs, no. 556. Atlantic Studies on Society in Change, no. 99. Boulder, Colo.: Social Science Monographs, 2000. Dist. Columbia University Press. xiii, 368 pp. Notes. Bibliography. Indexes. $42.50, hard bound. This work by Tamas Ungvari deals with the assimilation of Jews in Hungary through…

Ungvári Tamás